Do you work in a fast-paced environment and want to find ways to reduce your stress?

Does perfectionism get in the way of progress at work or life in general?

Or perhaps you have dedicated, hard-working employees who might be at risk of burnout?

building a Healthy Balance

I spent 10 years in the corporate & tech world before becoming a psychotherapist and coach so I am intimately familiar with the unique stresses and challenges employees face in today’s modern work environment.  With all the pressure to meet deadlines and manage projects in a timely and efficient manner, sometimes the employee’s mental and physical health can suffer - which doesn’t turn out well for anybody.  Research shows that healthy and happy employees are more efficient and produce higher quality work.  But when the combined demands of work and life pile up it is easy to feel stressed, overwhelmed and end up sliding towards burnout.  

I offer customized workshops, trainings and groups to help people create and maintain a healthy balance in their lives.  I teach the signs and symptoms of too much stress, as well as a variety of tools and techniques for coping with and preventing burnout.  I include mindfulness training in all of my offerings because it helps bring a greater awareness to patterns that might not be working or sustainable.  When people are armed with the knowledge of what to look out for as well as what they can do about it, then they can take better care of their own mental and physical health, leading to more balance in their work and life in general - everybody wins!   My workshop/training offerings include:

  • Stress Management/Reduction

  • Burnout prevention and recovery

  • Tools and techniques for creating a healthy balance

  • Mindfulness training

  • How to channel perfectionism and create balance between progress and perfection

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