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Stress Management Workshop

  • Boulder Healing Hub 2945 Center Green Court, Suite H Boulder, CO 80301 (map)
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You are a busy person. And when the combined demands of work and life pile up it’s easy to feel stressed, overwhelmed and start sliding towards burnout. This introductory workshop will give you the skills and techniques for reducing stress and increasing happiness using research-backed methods!

This workshop is for you if:
- You have a hard time setting your to-do list aside and relaxing
- Your stress level is affecting your work, home life, or relationships
- You are having trouble sleeping because of everything on your mind
- You are experiencing health issues as a result of stress
- You feel constantly tired or get sick easily and don't know why
- You want to decrease your stress and enjoy life more!

What you will learn:
- How stress is affecting your health and what you can do about it
- My signature model for coping with stress and avoiding burnout
- Research-backed strategies for reducing your stress & finding balance
- How mindfulness can help you deal more skillfully with what life throws at you

Stop letting stress wear you down and start living a more balanced, joyful life today!

I'm ready for less stress!
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About the Facilitator: Becky Howie, MA is an experienced workshop facilitator who spent 10 years working a variety of corporate jobs before switching gears and becoming a psychotherapist and coach.  So she understands the unique challenges and stresses of the modern work environment and how to effectively cope with them.  She has spent the last four years helping clients become the best versions of themselves and has a passion for helping people create balance and find fulfillment in their lives.