This Trait Might Explain Why You or Your Teen Feel Like There's Something "Wrong" with You

Many adults and teens who are prone to stress, overwhelm or STRONG emotions end up wondering if "something is wrong with me"... but these symptoms can be easily explained by a completely normal biological trait.

This week’s video explains what the trait is and how to manage it so that you can stop feeling “broken” and start letting your natural gifts shine through!

Video Notes:

Do You or Your Teen…?

  • Feel more easily overwhelmed by school or work than peers

  • Frequently feel tired or emotionally exhausted

  • Feel everything deeply or experience STRONG emotions that don’t always seem to make sense and that you struggle to control/stop?

  • Have perfectionistic or people-pleasing tendencies

  • You are more impacted by busy places/large crowds, hot/cold temperatures, scratchy fabrics or tags, loud noises, or strong smells than other people

  • You need alone time to decompress after a busy day or social outing

You or Your Teen Might Be a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

If you answered yes to several of the questions above, then you or your teen might have the trait of high sensitivity. It’s a biologically researched trait that exists in 15-20% of all studied populations (i.e., not just in humans, but other species as well) and is believed to be perpetuated because of it’s usefulness for survival.

To find out more about the trait of high sensitivity, check out the free guide below that gives an in-depth description of the trait, the challenges that come along with being an HSP, and also the gifts!

What Do I Do If My Teen Or I Are Highly Sensitive?

One of the most common challenges of being highly sensitive is the tendency to get overwhelmed easily by all of the stimuli and subtleties that you pick up on that others miss. In the free guide below, I describe my model of an “Emotional Sink” - which is our capacity to deal with all the things that life throws at us.

The most crucial thing for any HSP to learn how to do is manage the water level in their sink so that it doesn’t end up in overflow. I talk about strategies for managing your water level in my free guide, as well as offer concrete exercises and tips you can use for yourself or to help your teen manage the overwhelm and stress in their lives.

Sensitive & Strong: An HSP Survival Guide

Sensitive & Strong - An HSP Survival Guide.png

Download the FREE Guide

Want to find out if you or your teen are a Highly Sensitive Person and learn more about the trait?

This guide has strategies to help you and your teen manage stress and overwhelm so that you can lead happier, more balanced lives.

If you want to learn more about therapy and coaching for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) then check out the HSP page, or request a free consult call today.